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About the Beats

Our exclusive packs provide a refined selection of hip-hop/rap beats designed to amplify your talent and resonate with your listeners. Ideal for practice sessions, skill enhancement, or simply exploring new musical horizons.

• License Details:
Freely use our beats in your personal projects. These packs are under a non-exclusive license and reserved for enriching your personal compositions.

Audio Samples and Video

Discover your music’s potential with these powerful samples. Get ready to be inspired!

Watch our beats come to life, used by creators from all walks of life in this exclusive video

Client Reviews

“Aaxyx Music revitalized my passion for music. Each pack is a new adventure!” - Flow Master

“Unmatched quality for the price. Aaxyx Music is my secret for making tracks that hit hard!” - Beat Queen

“Aaxyx Music beats are beyond amazing. They add a whole new level of polish to my tracks. Can’t wait to get my next pack!” - DJ SpinMaster

“Every beat I’ve used from Aaxyx has elevated my music. They’re fresh, vibrant, and exactly what every independent artist needs.” - Lyric Lana

“I was blown away by the quality and variety of the beats from Aaxyx Music. They truly understand what artists need to stand out.” - MC Dynamite

“Signing up for Aaxyx Music was the best decision for my music career. Their beats have brought my songs to life in ways I never thought possible!” - Harmony Grace


• “What can I do with these beats?”

These beats are perfect for personal use, meaning you can use them for practicing, developing your music, or creating demos and personal projects. They are great for exploring new styles and refining your skills. However, please note that these beats are not for commercial use without purchasing an exclusive license.

• “How do I get a license for commercial use?”

If you’re interested in using our beats for commercial purposes, we offer exclusive licensing options that grant you the rights to use the beats in commercial projects, performances, and more. To obtain an exclusive license, please contact us directly through our website, and we’ll guide you through the process based on your specific needs and the beats you are interested in.

• “What does it mean that the beats are non-exclusive

Non-exclusive means that the beats you purchase can also be sold to other artists. This allows us to offer them at a more affordable price while still providing high-quality music for your personal projects. Non-exclusive beats are ideal for artists looking to practice, experiment, or work on non-commercial projects. If you require exclusive rights, meaning no one else can use the beat after you purchase it, you would need to opt for an exclusive license.